Halloween: Costume Recaps

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Hi hey hi friends! HAPPY NOVEMBER!!!! It’s my favorite month, so spirits are at an all time high!!! Back track though: the last few weekends I put some effort into my halloween looks and thought they were blog post worthy, so thats what this is about. Sorry to change directions on you like that.

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Zombie Pub Crawl: While this event didn’t transpire over halloweekend, I think dressing up as a zombie can qualify for this post, right? The look was an “escaped prisoner”, that obviously didn’t make it out alive. I had so much fun doing this, I looked up about a million zombie tutorials and just went at it. I used a combo of makeup I already owned and a zombie makeup kit. It was my first time using liquid latex and materials to make fake wounds, I was actually scared by how real you can make that stuff look! I finished it off with white hair color spray to really look dead. I’m already looking forward to next year’s ZPC 🙂

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Night one of Halloweekend: Sooo this was an evening I wasn’t sure if people were dressing up. Being said, I was in a halloween-y mood to do something different than a typical night out get up, so naturally I found an excuse to wear a trend I’ve been dying to try. Kim K and Kylie Jenner have been seen rocking the corset belt over a t-shirt look, and I wanted to give it a go! Also, I have no shame in idolizing the Kardashian/Jenner wardrobes, because honestly their stylists are incredible and whether we like it or not they’re the top trend setters of today 🙂 The t-shirt and jacket are brandy melville, belt is BCBC, and shoes are aldo.


Night two: Being a classic procrastinator, I didn’t decide upon this costume until the literal day of. I knew I wanted to do a makeup-focused look, so after extensive browsing on pinterest, youtube, & instagram, I concluded that being a werewolf would be a fun challenge. I referred to these videos for inspiration, and created a combo look of my own. And since I procrastinated, the outfit was a distressed F21 tee paired with leather leggings that I already had in my closet.

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Night three: My friend had the idea of being snapchat filters, and being an avid snap user myself, it only made sense to join her. I did some moreee browsing to pick which filter I wanted to be, and landed on the watercolor pop art filter! Definitely more of an obscure choice (hence a lot of confused looks when I was out) but I had fun creating the look so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ These were the videos I used for inspiration, and for the outfit I just wore a black freep tank, distressed black jeans, & most importantly a printed out snapchat logo!

Hope everyone enjoyed dressing up for halloween activities as much as I did –> stay tuned for a birthday weekend vegas post!


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