Leaving your comfort zone when styling

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“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there” – unknown


Hi friends!!! I haven’t done a style post in a hot minute so I wanted to throw together a simple, comfy, winter outfit for you guys. Typically I find myself constrained to the very basics of styling and playing it safe, but my desire to break from those restrictions was apparent when styling this look. It made me think about the different ways we limit ourselves when getting dressed or making purchases.

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This fuzzy Forever 21 vest has been residing in my closet since Fall 2014 and I determined it was time for it to come out of retirement. The problem with this vest is that it’s bulky nature that can be unflattering at times. I was in search of a black belt in my wardrobe that would accentuate my waist and minimize the ‘bulk’.  My little genius of a best friend/fellow blogger Taylor Dini suggested using an old purse strap as a makeshift belt. Responding to my initial confusion, she grabbed my black satchel, detached the strap, and secured it around my waist. Comfort zone Rachael would’ve said “hmm..interesting”, proceed to remove the ‘belt’, and continue her search. BUT since I was feeling out of the ordinary, I went with it. And decided to go even further by mixing up the textures in the outfit as well. Daring, I know.


The fuzziness of the vest, the embossed sweater print of my mock neck top, and the suede thigh highs were a lot of texture for me to think would work together. But since I was on a roll with the whole belt thing, why not.


Another tip for leaving your comfort zone: don’t be afraid to search for the things you want in unlikely places. Thigh high boots, my latest obsession and the new fall/winter staple. Since they’re in style and such, it wasn’t atypical for me to purchase them. But where I got them was. I had my heart set on a pair of suede Vince Camuto signature boots that were quite out of my price range, but knowing me I would get them anyway. Remembering that I’m a college student and all, I went to Plato’s Closet in Roseville to make some extra $$$ off my lonely no longer worn closet items. (Strong proponent of going through your things and cleansing your wardrobe). In the store my eyes wandered to a pair of suede boots just like the $300+ pair I wanted. Only they were $30, in new condition, and from Aldo, so I knew they were high quality. Needless to say I was a happy camper that found a steal in a place I wasn’t expecting.


These are just a few examples of how expanding your mentality and expectations of how things should go, could work out in your favor. Don’t be afraid to mix it up! 🙂


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