Halloween Costume & Weekend Revelations


“The less routine, the more life” -Amos Bronson Alcott

^Here’s my favorite costume from the weekend: which really only consisted of face paint, skeleton gloves, and items from my closet.

This Halloweekend was extra special, because my best friend/soul sista/partner in crime flew to the land of 10,000 lakes all the way from the gold coast. I finally got the chance to show her my world, my experience, my life. Stepping outside of my usual routine to parade her around Minneapolis and the University made me realize something.

It is far too easy to live life on autopilot. Every week and weekend glides by, and one bleeds into the next with a seamless transition. It becomes easy to fall victim to routine, and even easier to lose sight of the many fortunes that surround you. Viewing my life through a fresh set of eyes allowed me to re-live my first infatuation with the city I live in and the people I surround myself with. Every street we walked on, every restaurant we strolled past, every person we conversed with: I was picturing myself experiencing these things and people for the first time, as my friend was. It was enlightening and humbling, it allowed me to recognize the faults in my routine, my schedule, and my outlook. I had become desensitized to the things that initially brought me so much joy and enthusiasm. Sometimes we need to kick out of autopilot, place our hands back on the steering wheel, and drive back to that place of wonderment with our surroundings.

Side note: This best friend/soul sista/partner in crime I speak of goes to fashion school in Los Angeles and has an amazing fashion & lifestyle blog you all should check out & get inspired by ツ


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Costume & Weekend Revelations”

  1. Awesome post- It is so easy to just get sucked into your daily routine/weekly cycle that you forget to stop and actually enjoy each experience and encounter you have. Love your costume too!


  2. Yeah, or getting out of your routine, and your Sugar Skull make-up was awesome! A whole lot better than what I did. I was just talking about trying a whole face this year for Halloween. We’ll see though, as it’s a long way out yet. 🙂 Have a great week!


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