Fall thoughts


“Autumn wins you best by this: its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay” -Robert Browning

Fall is in full swing, and I’m soaking in every minute. I cant quite put my finger on the reason as to why almost everyone similarly loves Fall. It’s quite contradictory to love a season when the leaves change color because they’re slowly decaying, and the air becomes brisk because a harsh winter is approaching. Do some people focus on this? Sure. But I like to believe people are innately optimists. Deep down, without logic or reason, we love Fall. Not just because anything and everything transitions to pumpkin flavors, or because Halloween and Thanksgiving are right around the corner. There must be a subtle, hidden reason for the perception of warmth when the air turns frigid, or the feeling of new beginnings when life outside is diminishing. With Fall we think cozy sweaters, hot beverages, warm colors and time spent with loved ones. It’s possible we focus on the good, not the bad, without even realizing it.

What if everyone viewed aspects of their own lives in the same light that they view Fall?


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4 thoughts on “Fall thoughts”

  1. LOVE this post!! I love the transition in the weather.. .even though Winter is right around the corner, there is something beautiful about stripping away the old and moving into something fresh and new. Not to mention all the “typical” fall favorites are to die for!


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