Sunday strollin’ (Minneapolis Fall photo series)


“Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time” – Steven Wright

Yesterday was another astonishingly beautiful Sunday in Minneapolis. I’m starting to think this is mother nature’s ploy to make me more productive on my set in stone “lazy days”.

This was my first day truly experimenting with my camera and attempting to take decent photographs. Traditionally I find myself on the other side of the lens, with my camera-crazy father and attention-loving self to blame. Not to my surprise, it was a blast looking at something beautiful, then pointing, shooting, and capturing. A few deterrents were the eye-rolls from my friends when I was lying on the sidewalk to get a different perspective, stopping for the “perfect” shot and then having to run to catch up with them, or not being able to quite encapsulate the beauty of Fall with my lacking skills. But, it produced a couple laughs, learning experiences, and hopefully a handful of decent shots. I clearly have my work cut out ahead of me in terms of learning the trade…but I am more than excited to see where it will take me and the things I will learn.


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